Jungle Tree Guest House

 Jungle Tree Guest House is Best resorts near Hampi.  It’s located across the river in between two peaceful mountains. Jungle Tree Guest House provides a perfect home ambiance and personal attention.  We offer every guest their own space without intrusion.

Very close to the oldest historical site of the Rangapur Village and known for Indian Cultural resorts near Hampi.  Located away from the busy city life, resorts are more concerned towards providing its guests memorable holiday.

These places are perfect for those who like to participate in planned activities and are less adventurous. People who travel with kids, elderly persons, solo traveler, and couples will find resorts more convenient than any other stays. Jungle tree is one the best resorts near Hampi.

Come and Enjoy

Hampi has been designated as one of the World Heritage Sites. Taking you back to the twelfth century, the religious and historical significance of Hampi can leave you all amazed by its rich and unique features. Hampi was the capital of Vijayanagara, the Hindu Empire. It won’t be an exaggeration if we refer to the ruins at Hampi as an open museum of history, religion architecture. Truly Hampi is a World Heritage Marvel.